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The Ultimate Power of Freemasonry in New York

The Ultimate Power of Freemasonry in New York

A long history that dates back to 228 years, is a body formed by the Freemasonry government in the state of New York. As we know, in determining the head of the Mason will be carried out by all the members who participated in it.

Domiciled in New York, Grand Lodge has a multi-functional coordinating body that is performed across the state. Each committee will make arrangements for the blood donation program and charity events around New York City.

The Grand Lodge is very proud of the Masonic Hall. This is a good way to help fellow humans according to the goals of Freemasonry. A research institute in the Masonic medical field located in the village of Acacia. Each annual charity at the Brotherhood Fund has many fraternal goals.

Freemasonry is a community formed in order to liberate all human beings who live on earth. The mission that is very good in social life is an ideology that is instilled in this community.

A Brief History Of The Grand Lodge Of New York

Grand Lodge of New York which was founded on December 15, 1782. Standing openly under a large warrant submitted on September 5, 1781. Grand Lodge of England is the tallest Grand Lodge in the state of Great Britain. Has the authority to carry out appointments and also authorize to run an event.

From the mid-1730s Freemasonry was present in many countries including America and New York. At that time Daniel Coxe had the power given by the Duke of Norfolk as a Grand Master who had power in the provinces of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

However, there is no legal record of being a teacher with the highest position in the province. Many masons have doubts about the authority he has in his masonic life. The most recent provincial grandmaster was Sir John Johnson who got his position in 1771. After the incident, the Grand Lodge in New York chose a pastor as grand master. Ruling for approximately three years, the pastor is William Walter.

Robert R Livingston, who in 1784 gained the authority to become a Grand Master, finally had 16 years of power. With this election the inauguration ceremony of a president in the United States. The Bible published in 1767 was used at a ceremony performed by Brother George Washington as the first president of the United States.

The Grand Lodge Building Is Standing For The First Time

For the first time in 1911 a Gran Logde building was built. It is located on 23rd Street in the city of Manhattan. malawi itineraries, Before the Second French Empire building in a style that functioned as the headquarters of the Lodge in 1875 and was located in the same city. This standing building takes approximately how many years to stand.

The building designed by Napoleon LeBrun started with laying the first stone in 1870. It cost a fortune at a nominal $ 1.279 million, but by 1900 the style of the second cashier was considered very outdated. In 1875 the mission to build a more modern skyscraper temple began

The building is a headquarters for the lodge which was on duty at that time. Apart from being a base, this place is also used as a place for rituals and recruiting new members. Obviously, many of the masonic members happily participated in this activity.

Virginia And New York Freemasonry Goals

The main purpose of freemasonry is to liberate humans without distinction. Glony which is a long handover in supporting the masons’ charity work. Many organizations have efforts to create charities. The Masonic research institute on medicine provides the best way of spreading goodness.

Free medical treatment for underprivileged people is the main program that is being held. This has received great support from The Grand Lodge. In addition travel planner edittrip, the main note made by Mason is to provide programs about the dangers of using narcotics and alcohol.

The distribution of tasks to attract many new members is also the main objective. Distribute thousands of dollars to worthy charities to distribute to every part of the world for the welfare of the people. A very lofty goal accomplished by masons who live in groups

The Masonic Grand Task of Religious Equality

The big task given by The Grand Lodge in a meeting with a special committee created to determine who will take part in the ritual journey in Sweden. These restrictions do not allow Christians to be involved in it.

Members of the Grand Lodge who have a Non-Christian faith will live in a Supreme Jurisdiction and cannot be bothered to enjoy the Exclusivity that can be enjoyed. Everyone is very familiar with the Grand Lodge of New York who will confess about the regulations of each lodge in each area.

The term of office on the committee is followed by a period of two additional years in determining further action to be taken. This has resulted in many complex decisions for many lodge followers who adhere to the Christian faith.

As the head of the community, disputes over freedom of religion are highly respected. No limmit for Mason to what it can do. Granting free rights as taught by Prince Hall in his time is a thing and a responsibility that must be passed on. In addition there are organizations that support masonic activities. The organization, which is named the Triangle Inc, is a masonic youth movement.

Triangles Inc

ghana itineraries This one organization is a group founded in 1925. It is a movement of young people and girls aged around 10 to 21 years. Created by a Rose E. Scheren in the state of New York. Founded more than ninety years supporting the mason movement in any field.

Youth groups who live side by side to foster character and also a dynamic youth spirit. Each member has the opportunity to express their opinion. Learning from each other to realize ideas in the organization and orientation in service.

All the environments in Triangles inc are ways that can make you more open. On 18 November 1883, he drafted the idea for a fraternity of young women which was a new star order which was an integral part of the Masonic movement.

In his time, every member who is over 23 years of age will enter Mason’s training camp to deepen and instill in him good morals. Spread goodness through preaching around the world.

Prince Hall Struggle for the Black Mason

Prince Hall Struggle for the Black Mason

Precisely on March 6, 1775, Prince Hall, who is one of the founders of a school for the black race. The Irish Constitution has ties to the 38th leg of the Regiment. British Soldiers are beginning to be detained in a Castle William Independent Prison. Boston Harbor in 1775, the master of the Lodge serasan batt along with Prince Hall by doing a few others left Boston leaving.

At that time the British army went to inn no.441 and gave full authority to all the brothers. Prince Hall who has the power to carry out burial placements for relatives who died. For nine years the privileged leaders served their purpose as Masons.

The end of the petition given by the Grand Lodge of England, the Worship Master of a subordinate lodge is in London. The task is taken to take a warrant or a charter. A press conference said The Warrant to African Boston is an important document with high value. It’s a book of fraternity that’s in the Masonic Prince Hall.

On December 4, 1807 souls were summoned for refreshing tears. He met the person who knew him best, meeting death at that time was the thing that would happen to Prince Hall.

rip prince hall

Black Mason Name Change

After Prince Hall’s death in 1807, the Black Masonic Community had the idea of ​​changing their name to the African Grand Lodge, to the Prince Hall Grand Lodge. This happened after his death. By the time Prince was in the ranks of becoming a Grandmaster, his first trip to Russia was in 1808.

After that Hilton replaced the position of Grand Master and began to declare independence from the British Grand Lodge. In 1869 a fire destroyed Grand Lodge Headquarters Massachusetts, setting some important data on fire. The metal tube charter in the Lodge’s chest saved the charter, but the heat still burned the paper inside.

Grand Master ST Kendall, who tried to save the important data, was crawling in the middle of a huge fire. Thus the devotion and heroic nature that arises from a great teacher.

The original charter, which was drawn up a long time ago, is now stored on a plate made of thick glass stored in a fireproof cabinet in a downtown Boston Bank. Not apart from that, currently counting more than 4500 lodges around the world. It has independent members of up to 300,000 Masons on board

Prince Hall Portrait as Leader

Of course, as a veteran of the revolutionary war, Prince Hall founded the United States’ fraternal organization for Africans. In just a few years, some historians have revealed more about the importance of black fraternal organizations. Cécile Révauger is a lecturer emeritus professor at the University of Bordeaux, France.

It is a Freemasonry in the first institution represented by black people with many states. Mitchell revealed about the research conducted by Hall, the experience of the African American Revolutionary war, especially in New England.

The Black Colonialist Wars tend to be an old regiment. In his words they found themselves with guns in hand and a little sick money to buy something. Black veterans who survived returned by growing institutions for their communities.

Some members have hopes about freedom with existing military service. New England started churches, schools as well as organizations of black fraternities as well as Masonic lodges. Therefore, there are many things that make this organization grow rapidly every year.

The Important Reasons for Prince Hall’s Struggle

Of course, many things became the reasons for the struggles he did. As a reformer for blacks. The importance of a struggle for freedom for black people. However, of course there are many reasons for independence. On this occasion we will give a little reason.

  • Prince Hall was a slave to his past. Of course, the main reason for the reform that he did was because he was a slave, wanting to get
  • Freedom for the black race. The oppression of the black Mason is one of the main reasons for this struggle. Therefore, there will definitely be an impetus for that strength.
  • Looking for Members In Masonic. Of course, with this kindness, Hall can attract members into the organization he created.

These are the 3 main reasons for the struggles he has had. Freedom is the right of all kinds of races and nations in the world. This struggle must be fought quickly. Success in liberating all and getting members to a large extent.

Prince Hall's Slave Liberation Effort

Prince Hall’s Slave Liberation Effort

With the help of Prince Hall who was once a former slave, the results were good enough for the first time to get reparations without compensation. Petitions from a number of black communities managed to get rid of a lot of torture and white people. Bostonians are free at this end, a captain in undercover threat on an island.

Surely this is a very cruel and inhuman thing. Then how much is the price of a life as well as freedom? Perhaps the emancipation will come about because of the truth, Hall said.

At that time, Prine, who was in a petition asking for emancipation on a lasting basis for slaves who had reached the age of 20, had to be released. Not trying to sue to abolish slavery within a hundred years. Before his days of harsh black abolitionists, Prince Hall had struggled to eradicate slavery that had already occurred.

The good day has come. An abolitionist is looking for a slave of the black race, and tries to start a crusade. Over time, Prince Hall will try to properly and properly take over in American history. A man who fought for the rights of Massachusetts citizens, born in the two hundred years of his time.

prince hall efort

A Deep Struggle Happened

As one who fought for black people for independence during the colonial period Medford was the same as fighting for it. On his petition made on February 17, 1788, Prince Hall called attention to the incident specifically about the kidnapping of three black men of Boston nationality.

The scam was fabricated by Captain Solomon Babson who got a job on his ship. It was a shame that all their preparations had almost been sold as slaves in the West Indies.

In his petition, Hall asked for the return of the person being sold. At that time, he was claiming his rights as a black person with free status. Into the public spotlight, Prince Hall got many thinking about the meaning of that freedom, making further waves through the black population become a uniting force.

Always thinking about the interests of many people is a very important step. Freedom occurs by everyone is something that must be given to every human being on earth. Of course this is very enthusiastic for many Bostonians who greet him kindly.

Prince Hall’s Vision and Mission

Every truth there must be a way, All I believe we have the wind for the right direction. We will not always stand on the brink of transition in defeat. We can make changes and new movements must be guided spiritually and mentally. Choosing to be aware and guide is the way to do it properly.

Return to the largest altar to become a complete whole. The struggle to free the hostages from torture and inhumanity is a challenge that must be endured by Prince Hall. If a sacrifice can restore the truth it will definitely happen.

Has a noble mission in carrying out the brotherhood. Share every kindness and provide promotion about the value of family. Full efforts are made to morally and mentally increase human resources. This is the main goal of Prince Hall which has a big responsibility.

Literally, Prince Hall is a lifesaver that many people are proud of. It became the biggest rebellion in the history of the black race. Complete independence can be achieved and embraced. Surely this is a strength at its best.

Prince Hall Becomes a Material of Debate

Prince Hall Becomes a Material of Debate

The life history of a Prince Hall is subject to debate as to his birth in 1735. There are also sources that his birth was on September 12, 1748 in Bridgetown. Has a mother who is from England, a woman of French descent named barbados. Barbados is a highly respected Prince Hall family.

Hall was born out of a good and pious person with a very relaxed character. At the age of 12, Prine Hall became a worker led by his father. Where at that time he succeeded in advancing sales.

Prince Hall, who is an intern, has a dream to visit America. In February 1765, he heard that a ship was going to go to America. Unfortunately, the ship had to head to Boston until March 1765.

At that time Prince Hall was only seventeen years old when he arrived in Boston. Lives in a town called Medford and works and saves.
In his youth, he married a woman named Ritchie, who was enslaved and eventually died.


Set Up Lodging in Masonic African Style

After being published by Desires of the Members of the Lodge, in 1797 in theory, the image of Freemasonry has the aim of unifying all human beings without any view of belief. This is a universal brotherhood that sees a man as having an equal essence in society.

This is basically a value that exists in Freemasonry in the world. Prince Hal, who is a black race man, is always ostracized and rejected when he wants to enter the White Masonic Lodge in America.

Even though it was like that mason did a fraternal sermon to overthrow the blacks who were in their huts. Responding to this, Hall turned to the British mason in America. On March 6, 1775, and the other Free Blacks became members of the British Army Lode no 441.

Precisely on September 29, 1748, ahead of the Lodge of England permitted Halla to make an inn. The prize of a charter was given to him as a fortune. To maintain the intimacy that exists within the African Lodge a meeting is held at the Golden Fleece, which is a leather shop.

Prince Hall’s Human Rights Activity

An article written as one of Prince Hall’s petitions for social justice which began in 1777. The demand for public justice that he created is something that must be held responsible for saving Africa, his homeland.

Courage was one way he challenged the government. Upholding a principle that has been taken. An inalienable right to freedom of the nation is one of its responsibilities. The petition that Hall created allowed him to be free from colonialism at the age of 21.

Prince Hall, who has to carry out a very big task and obstacle. Before the idea of ​​the right of all civilians became a collective thought. Hall, who was pioneering a series to get some black people back to Africa.

The petition may be heard directly by the DPR, but it is a trumpet for all who seek justice. The key to the courage of a Prince Hall is education and a soul that unites people’s justice. This has led many people to start and follow it.

Keys to Success Through Education

In 1787 which coincided with October 17, he succeeded in sending a petition to the senators and government urging that education be given to black people as well. He wrote that people who had black skin were taxed by whites.

White man and he always took them through the back. He declared it to pay an equal share. The surveillance system is unfair to black people. The quest for freedom for many slaves on the Pangeral Hall agenda also included a reparations.

He believed that he had assisted Belinda Royall in writing a petition on February 14, 1783. Prince Hall, who was the only former slave who managed to receive reparations for all work without compensation. Many contributions he made to the black nation.

The enormous influence he exerted made many positive impacts. This was appreciated by many people who lived at that time. The figure of a Prince Hall is considered a savior for the black nation to this day. What a struggle in weakness at that time.

Grand Lodge Takes Over Virginia

Grand Lodge Takes Over Virginia

Masonry’s acceptance into Virginia, commonly known as the Grand Lodge of Virginia. The Grand Lodge has jurisdiction over all Masons in the United States. Approximately 34,000 members who have active roles and live in the huts that have been provided.

However, both the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania and Massachusetts have rebutted the claim. They claim to be the Grand Lodge in the United States. Grand Lodge Virginia was founded on October 30, 1778, and is headquartered in Williamsburg, Virginia.

The struggle for power is a form of taking over the Grand Lodge which has full power. George Washington who was invited to become the first Grandmaster, however, was unable to take the honorary title due to his military service.

Legally George Washington continued to serve as Grand Master. In 1865 the Grand Lodge of West Virginia was formed by taking over a number of Lodges that were once part of the Grand Lodges of Virginia itself.

prince hall

History of the Grand Lodge Taking Over Virginia

Freemasonry is a community formed on the basis of humanity. One of the oldest organizations you can find, with the goal of a better life and helping others.

Since the 18th century West Virginia has made efforts to bring people from a wide variety of backgrounds together. Its aim is to strengthen a sense of kinship with the Masonic system. There is no single definite definition of freemasonry.

Freemasonry itself means that there is no difference for everyone who joins. It creates a lot of good pictures, a place to do introspection or discuss with other people and build a sense of kinship.

It is also a place where all members can practice firsthand about greatness and goodwill. Through this meaning, getting offspring is also another meaning that cannot be counted in value.

Freemasons have also always tried hard to make the world a better place for every living thing on earth. The purpose given for a more worthy life and the strength that will be united in the Masonic membership. A better life is a matter for everyone who lives not about who is in power or who occupies a high position.

Sharing the Kindness Top Tip in Virginia

Prince Hall shares a lot of strength in prayer as well as in giving. This is one of the methods used as a way to attract members. It cannot be denied that this provides many benefits for each of his followers. It is a power that is bestowed by the Grandmasters and other highs.

A way of life that is given to siblings by working with a smile on the face to give positive things to life. A way of life in which you speak positively without knowing that there is actually a fault in him.

Prince Hall provides an example of kindness in the power of everyone’s faith. Strengthening from the pressure of slavery is lifted and motivated, so that it can give an increase in self-confidence in his life.

Prince Hall’s greatest strength is the confidence that builds motivation in his life. The greatest strength is chastity. Who deserves to receive when you have the power to help others with your hands. Examples that can be followed because of the goodness in him.

Reasons for Becoming a Mason

There are many reasons that make a man live as a mason. Individuals formed from the order are united in the freedom of every human being. Baig most people elsewhere they want to raise a community that is in dire need.

This is based on our skills as mason people who are active because of the brotherhood in the world. There are many testimonies that regularly touch and reach out to become a sacred Mason. Starting from a story that opens up to each other in the mason congregation.

In becoming a Mason living in a jurisdiction, we will be involved and have an active role in the sacred Masonic environment. The masons led by a Virginia Grand Lodge became rich in congregational life.

Without any differences between each race, or religion that one of the forum members is. The sacred will live in an environment that is authorized by every Grand Master who leads every sect. The spread that divides will include the boundary of certain parts of the country.

definition of the grand lodge

Definition of The Grand Lodge

The Grand Lodge is a body of one group that is evenly organized. In other words, the designation for a leader in a group that has overall power in the country or region.

In the Freemasons Grand Lodge is referred to as the organizer of several other groups. Freemasonry has bound jurisdiction. Masonic Grand Lodge which was first established in a city in England in 1717. As a leader of London and Westimenster which has the nickname as The Grand Lodge of England.

Before getting the title of Lodge, a leader must first take the Grand title, or what is often referred to as the Grand Master. Many large huts around each place were built as layers of their organization. Grand Lodge has the authority to divide a district into smaller areas called village.

In its duties the Grand Lodge cannot be overseen by any existing organizational body. Therefore a policy in the title can be held and very different, even though they share a basic framework.

grand lodge

Grand Lodge Prince Hall Black Race Legend

Prince Hall Mansory is an important figure in the formation of the African Masonic Lodge. A young man born in 1700 who was born in a city in Africa. Founding Prince Hall Freemasonry for many African-American children. Active in the movement to return to Africa was one of his goals during life.

Hall’s goal is to liberate the black race in New York, and get a more decent job in the United States. As a founder of Black Freemasonry who later formed the African Grand Lodge of North America movement.

In the book written by Steve Gladstone, Prince Hall has an important role in fighting for the right to education and decent work for the black race. So since then Prince Hall was promised to get the title of Grand Lodge in his time.

Many blacks acknowledge Prince Hall as a man who has contributed to the liberation of captive slaves. That way, more and more freemasons are standing under Prince hall.

Jurisdiction of the Distribution of the Grand Lodge

The Grand Lodge is usually divided according to the area of ​​the civil government. Separately to organize Masonic lodge within national boundaries. Each lodge has a function independently of other regulators. When several Grand Lodes know each other, they can have unity.

In addition there are several excluded factors the most important of which have to do with the recognition of the US Grand Lodge in South America. Has the greatest strength in the Grand Orient in its continental masonic form. This is one of the bases for not considering other small lodges as one of the non-regular mason members.

Meanwhile, the United Grand Lodge of England has the task of regulating Freemasonry in their respective countries. Historically, the United States is one of the Grand Lodge in every state that is not separated from anywhere.

Today most countries have two main Grand Lodes. The names for both are Grand Lodge Mainstream and also Prince Hall. Mainstream recognized in each country and other parts. Prince Hall can be passed when the two camps of the Grand Lodge can be separated.

Closely related to each region is done by the Masons

Organizations that receive the title of Master Mason cannot be managed by the Grand Lodge. They have self-governing bodies, not directly responsible. The jurisdiction in which they take place has a place as an order which has masonic facilities.

Other fraternities also have Grand Lodge positions like only the orange sect. Many of them have basic organizational models such as Freemasonry. Have the same goal for the freedom of a community and play an active role directly.

Regularity is one of the main constitutional mechanisms in the big loji. Provide a mutual acknowledgment with one another. Possible formal relationships on a larger scale and unifying all. A large lodge and also a large orientation provides support and acknowledgment of the interpretation which is said to have a different relationship with friendship.

From each main lodge Freemasonry gave a response that the lodge under the branch is one of the regular groups. However, the UGLE branch has good human relations with irregular branches.

Normally the liberal masons had issues which were exacerbated by the fact about the abuse of lodges against the big Orient. More broadly used to enter into the line of institutions that were founded separately and considered themselves masons. But neither of the major branches of the Masonic world can admit this.