Prince Hall Becomes a Material of Debate

Prince Hall Becomes a Material of Debate

The life history of a Prince Hall is subject to debate as to his birth in 1735. There are also sources that his birth was on September 12, 1748 in Bridgetown. Has a mother who is from England, a woman of French descent named barbados. Barbados is a highly respected Prince Hall family.

Hall was born out of a good and pious person with a very relaxed character. At the age of 12, Prine Hall became a worker led by his father. Where at that time he succeeded in advancing sales.

Prince Hall, who is an intern, has a dream to visit America. In February 1765, he heard that a ship was going to go to America. Unfortunately, the ship had to head to Boston until March 1765.

At that time Prince Hall was only seventeen years old when he arrived in Boston. Lives in a town called Medford and works and saves.
In his youth, he married a woman named Ritchie, who was enslaved and eventually died.


Set Up Lodging in Masonic African Style

After being published by Desires of the Members of the Lodge, in 1797 in theory, the image of Freemasonry has the aim of unifying all human beings without any view of belief. This is a universal brotherhood that sees a man as having an equal essence in society.

This is basically a value that exists in Freemasonry in the world. Prince Hal, who is a black race man, is always ostracized and rejected when he wants to enter the White Masonic Lodge in America.

Even though it was like that mason did a fraternal sermon to overthrow the blacks who were in their huts. Responding to this, Hall turned to the British mason in America. On March 6, 1775, and the other Free Blacks became members of the British Army Lode no 441.

Precisely on September 29, 1748, ahead of the Lodge of England permitted Halla to make an inn. The prize of a charter was given to him as a fortune. To maintain the intimacy that exists within the African Lodge a meeting is held at the Golden Fleece, which is a leather shop.

Prince Hall’s Human Rights Activity

An article written as one of Prince Hall’s petitions for social justice which began in 1777. The demand for public justice that he created is something that must be held responsible for saving Africa, his homeland.

Courage was one way he challenged the government. Upholding a principle that has been taken. An inalienable right to freedom of the nation is one of its responsibilities. The petition that Hall created allowed him to be free from colonialism at the age of 21.

Prince Hall, who has to carry out a very big task and obstacle. Before the idea of ​​the right of all civilians became a collective thought. Hall, who was pioneering a series to get some black people back to Africa.

The petition may be heard directly by the DPR, but it is a trumpet for all who seek justice. The key to the courage of a Prince Hall is education and a soul that unites people’s justice. This has led many people to start and follow it.

Keys to Success Through Education

In 1787 which coincided with October 17, he succeeded in sending a petition to the senators and government urging that education be given to black people as well. He wrote that people who had black skin were taxed by whites.

White man and he always took them through the back. He declared it to pay an equal share. The surveillance system is unfair to black people. The quest for freedom for many slaves on the Pangeral Hall agenda also included a reparations.

He believed that he had assisted Belinda Royall in writing a petition on February 14, 1783. Prince Hall, who was the only former slave who managed to receive reparations for all work without compensation. Many contributions he made to the black nation.

The enormous influence he exerted made many positive impacts. This was appreciated by many people who lived at that time. The figure of a Prince Hall is considered a savior for the black nation to this day. What a struggle in weakness at that time.

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