Prince Hall Struggle for the Black Mason

Prince Hall Struggle for the Black Mason

Precisely on March 6, 1775, Prince Hall, who is one of the founders of a school for the black race. The Irish Constitution has ties to the 38th leg of the Regiment. British Soldiers are beginning to be detained in a Castle William Independent Prison. Boston Harbor in 1775, the master of the Lodge serasan batt along with Prince Hall by doing a few others left Boston leaving.

At that time the British army went to inn no.441 and gave full authority to all the brothers. Prince Hall who has the power to carry out burial placements for relatives who died. For nine years the privileged leaders served their purpose as Masons.

The end of the petition given by the Grand Lodge of England, the Worship Master of a subordinate lodge is in London. The task is taken to take a warrant or a charter. A press conference said The Warrant to African Boston is an important document with high value. It’s a book of fraternity that’s in the Masonic Prince Hall.

On December 4, 1807 souls were summoned for refreshing tears. He met the person who knew him best, meeting death at that time was the thing that would happen to Prince Hall.

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Black Mason Name Change

After Prince Hall’s death in 1807, the Black Masonic Community had the idea of ​​changing their name to the African Grand Lodge, to the Prince Hall Grand Lodge. This happened after his death. By the time Prince was in the ranks of becoming a Grandmaster, his first trip to Russia was in 1808.

After that Hilton replaced the position of Grand Master and began to declare independence from the British Grand Lodge. In 1869 a fire destroyed Grand Lodge Headquarters Massachusetts, setting some important data on fire. The metal tube charter in the Lodge’s chest saved the charter, but the heat still burned the paper inside.

Grand Master ST Kendall, who tried to save the important data, was crawling in the middle of a huge fire. Thus the devotion and heroic nature that arises from a great teacher.

The original charter, which was drawn up a long time ago, is now stored on a plate made of thick glass stored in a fireproof cabinet in a downtown Boston Bank. Not apart from that, currently counting more than 4500 lodges around the world. It has independent members of up to 300,000 Masons on board

Prince Hall Portrait as Leader

Of course, as a veteran of the revolutionary war, Prince Hall founded the United States’ fraternal organization for Africans. In just a few years, some historians have revealed more about the importance of black fraternal organizations. Cécile Révauger is a lecturer emeritus professor at the University of Bordeaux, France.

It is a Freemasonry in the first institution represented by black people with many states. Mitchell revealed about the research conducted by Hall, the experience of the African American Revolutionary war, especially in New England.

The Black Colonialist Wars tend to be an old regiment. In his words they found themselves with guns in hand and a little sick money to buy something. Black veterans who survived returned by growing institutions for their communities.

Some members have hopes about freedom with existing military service. New England started churches, schools as well as organizations of black fraternities as well as Masonic lodges. Therefore, there are many things that make this organization grow rapidly every year.

The Important Reasons for Prince Hall’s Struggle

Of course, many things became the reasons for the struggles he did. As a reformer for blacks. The importance of a struggle for freedom for black people. However, of course there are many reasons for independence. On this occasion we will give a little reason.

  • Prince Hall was a slave to his past. Of course, the main reason for the reform that he did was because he was a slave, wanting to get
  • Freedom for the black race. The oppression of the black Mason is one of the main reasons for this struggle. Therefore, there will definitely be an impetus for that strength.
  • Looking for Members In Masonic. Of course, with this kindness, Hall can attract members into the organization he created.

These are the 3 main reasons for the struggles he has had. Freedom is the right of all kinds of races and nations in the world. This struggle must be fought quickly. Success in liberating all and getting members to a large extent.

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