The Ultimate Power of Freemasonry in New York

The Ultimate Power of Freemasonry in New York

A long history that dates back to 228 years, is a body formed by the Freemasonry government in the state of New York. As we know, in determining the head of the Mason will be carried out by all the members who participated in it.

Domiciled in New York, Grand Lodge has a multi-functional coordinating body that is performed across the state. Each committee will make arrangements for the blood donation program and charity events around New York City.

The Grand Lodge is very proud of the Masonic Hall. This is a good way to help fellow humans according to the goals of Freemasonry. A research institute in the Masonic medical field located in the village of Acacia. Each annual charity at the Brotherhood Fund has many fraternal goals.

Freemasonry is a community formed in order to liberate all human beings who live on earth. The mission that is very good in social life is an ideology that is instilled in this community.

A Brief History Of The Grand Lodge Of New York

Grand Lodge of New York which was founded on December 15, 1782. Standing openly under a large warrant submitted on September 5, 1781. Grand Lodge of England is the tallest Grand Lodge in the state of Great Britain. Has the authority to carry out appointments and also authorize to run an event.

From the mid-1730s Freemasonry was present in many countries including America and New York. At that time Daniel Coxe had the power given by the Duke of Norfolk as a Grand Master who had power in the provinces of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

However, there is no legal record of being a teacher with the highest position in the province. Many masons have doubts about the authority he has in his masonic life. The most recent provincial grandmaster was Sir John Johnson who got his position in 1771. After the incident, the Grand Lodge in New York chose a pastor as grand master. Ruling for approximately three years, the pastor is William Walter.

Robert R Livingston, who in 1784 gained the authority to become a Grand Master, finally had 16 years of power. With this election the inauguration ceremony of a president in the United States. The Bible published in 1767 was used at a ceremony performed by Brother George Washington as the first president of the United States.

The Grand Lodge Building Is Standing For The First Time

For the first time in 1911 a Gran Logde building was built. It is located on 23rd Street in the city of Manhattan. malawi itineraries, Before the Second French Empire building in a style that functioned as the headquarters of the Lodge in 1875 and was located in the same city. This standing building takes approximately how many years to stand.

The building designed by Napoleon LeBrun started with laying the first stone in 1870. It cost a fortune at a nominal $ 1.279 million, but by 1900 the style of the second cashier was considered very outdated. In 1875 the mission to build a more modern skyscraper temple began

The building is a headquarters for the lodge which was on duty at that time. Apart from being a base, this place is also used as a place for rituals and recruiting new members. Obviously, many of the masonic members happily participated in this activity.

Virginia And New York Freemasonry Goals

The main purpose of freemasonry is to liberate humans without distinction. Glony which is a long handover in supporting the masons’ charity work. Many organizations have efforts to create charities. The Masonic research institute on medicine provides the best way of spreading goodness.

Free medical treatment for underprivileged people is the main program that is being held. This has received great support from The Grand Lodge. In addition travel planner edittrip, the main note made by Mason is to provide programs about the dangers of using narcotics and alcohol.

The distribution of tasks to attract many new members is also the main objective. Distribute thousands of dollars to worthy charities to distribute to every part of the world for the welfare of the people. A very lofty goal accomplished by masons who live in groups

The Masonic Grand Task of Religious Equality

The big task given by The Grand Lodge in a meeting with a special committee created to determine who will take part in the ritual journey in Sweden. These restrictions do not allow Christians to be involved in it.

Members of the Grand Lodge who have a Non-Christian faith will live in a Supreme Jurisdiction and cannot be bothered to enjoy the Exclusivity that can be enjoyed. Everyone is very familiar with the Grand Lodge of New York who will confess about the regulations of each lodge in each area.

The term of office on the committee is followed by a period of two additional years in determining further action to be taken. This has resulted in many complex decisions for many lodge followers who adhere to the Christian faith.

As the head of the community, disputes over freedom of religion are highly respected. No limmit for Mason to what it can do. Granting free rights as taught by Prince Hall in his time is a thing and a responsibility that must be passed on. In addition there are organizations that support masonic activities. The organization, which is named the Triangle Inc, is a masonic youth movement.

Triangles Inc

ghana itineraries This one organization is a group founded in 1925. It is a movement of young people and girls aged around 10 to 21 years. Created by a Rose E. Scheren in the state of New York. Founded more than ninety years supporting the mason movement in any field.

Youth groups who live side by side to foster character and also a dynamic youth spirit. Each member has the opportunity to express their opinion. Learning from each other to realize ideas in the organization and orientation in service.

All the environments in Triangles inc are ways that can make you more open. On 18 November 1883, he drafted the idea for a fraternity of young women which was a new star order which was an integral part of the Masonic movement.

In his time, every member who is over 23 years of age will enter Mason’s training camp to deepen and instill in him good morals. Spread goodness through preaching around the world.

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